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The CM-ELEVATE Program is designed to build Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Employment, Value Addition, Training and Empowerment across the state. The Govt. of Meghalaya aims to support new ventures that add to the economic, social and developmental landscape of the state.

“I am very confident that our strategy will find resonance and support from the citizens of Meghalaya. To support the strategy’s implementation, we will follow a collaborative approach between the state government and its different departments along with private sector organizations.”

Objective of the Program

Economic growth of the state

The program is envisaged to accelerate and sustain economic development of the state through entrepreneurship development, job creation, infrastructure development, tourism promotion and investing in businesses to increase capacity and expand potential.

Increase credit flow into the economy

The credit linked program will improve access to loans for aspiring individuals and businesses who face difficulty in obtaining credits through traditional channels especially marginalized communities, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) etc. This will also encourage individuals to open bank accounts and use of digital financial service thereby promoting financial inclusion.

Encourage entrepreneurship

The objective of the program is to encourage entrepreneurship among local youth by providing them with necessary access to capital in getting a business off the ground. The entrepreneurs will also be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills through various capacity building programs and trainings needed to successfully implement and run their businesses.

Increase employment opportunities

By encouraging entrepreneurship and helping existing businesses to increase their capacities, the program is intended to create jobs for the local population. This will provide several benefits to the state in terms of its economic, social, and overall wellbeing.

Encompass diverse needs of the people

The program is designed to cater to diverse needs of the people spanning across sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, tourism, entertainment, wellbeing, power etc.

Single window portal for entrepreneurs to apply

The individual entrepreneurs, various registered and unregistered entities of the state will have a unified online platform to apply for any business venture across various sectors tailored to their specific needs.

Financial and handholding support

To minimize the risks associated with credit flow, financial support to the tune of 35 to 75% of the project cost shall be provided to selected applicants.

A complete handholding support in various forms of assistance and capacity building programs will be provided by the government so as to ensure effective access and utilization to the resources provided by the government


The Government has envisioned to double its GSDP to make Meghalaya a USD 10 Billion economy by 2030. It aims to be among the top states in the country in terms of per capita income and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. To accomplish this ambitious vision, the government is prioritizing infrastructure development, promotion of ease of doing business, designing, and implementing programs that would engage and empower its people to attain the desired economic growth. Furthermore, entrepreneurship and youth empowerment are identified as two critical pillars that hold the potential to transform Meghalaya’s economy into a dynamic and thriving one.

By harnessing the productivity of the youth by engaging them in various economic generation activities in multiple sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, tourism, entertainment, wellbeing etc., the state can unlock opportunities for growth and development. Encouraging individuals to manifest their innovative ideas into tangible businesses, providing them with necessary resources, and creating an enabling ecosystem will not only lead to the creation of new job opportunities but also fuel local innovation, attract investments, and contribute to overall economic resilience. Thus, investment and enhancing productivity are necessary to accelerate Meghalaya’s economic growth to equalise its per capita income with that of the country’s average by 2030.

The CM – ELEVATE Program is a State funded flagship program, aiming to make the youth partners of development by engaging and empowering them through entrepreneurship. This program is specifically designed to provide support to individual entrepreneurs, collectives, village organizations and traditional institutions to take up various businesses. To financially assist such initiatives and ensure easy access and affordable credit to the aspiring entities, Government of Meghalaya has partnered with various public and private sector banks. Adequate credit availability will encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to secure loans to start new ventures; to expand their existing businesses and invest in new technologies and increase capacity; and encourage growth of SMEs leading to higher employment generation and increased income of the local population. In this way, the program will increase the credit flow, thereby, significantly stimulating economic growth and development.

However, the State Government also understands the various potential risks associated with credit flow such as financial instability, over indebtedness etc. To minimize such risks, Government of Meghalaya has decided to provide necessary financial assistance to the tune of 35% to 75% of the project cost in the form of capital subsidy and operational subsidy as EMI co-payment. Additional handholding support such as trainings, skill development programs and capacity building programs by various government departments to successfully implement individual projects will be provided.

Under the program, the individual entrepreneurs, various registered and unregistered entities of the state will have a single window portal to select and apply for any business venture spanning across various sectors based on their specific needs.

Program at a Glance

Sports & Wellness

Selected applicants will get financial aid and handholding support to establish Wellness Centres which include construction, maintenance and running of Swimming Pools.


- Polyhouse Scheme
- Agriculture Warehouse Scheme
- Common Facility Center Scheme


- Motorhome Meghalaya, Caravan scheme
- PRIME Tourism Vehicle Scheme
- Tourist Villa Scheme

Animal Husbandary

- Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme
- Megha Milk Mission
- Rural Backyard Goatery Scheme
- Rural Backyard Poultry Scheme


Selected applicants will get financial aid and handholding support to establish Cinema Theatres in every district of the state.

Open Ventures

Selected applicants will get financial aid and handholding support to establish any business venture such as Libraries, Education Centres, and Drama Training centres, Centre of Performing Arts, Music Studios for recording and production.

Program Details

Financing Plan

Implementation Mechanism of the Scheme

Beneficiary Evaluation mechanism

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