Feb 25 - 27 2020

1st Bootcamp of Cohort 1

A three-day Diagnostic Bootcamp with Capacity Building was organized from 25th February until 27th February 2020 for 32 participating startups of COHORT 1.0. The bootcamp facilitated the startups with knowledge of creating a vision for their business. Moreover, one-on-one mentoring sessions have been held by Mr. Gaurav Kapoor (IIMCIP), Mr. Aritra Bhowmick (Sangam Ventures), Mr. Debapratim Das (IIMCIP), Arijit Bhattacharjee (virtualinfocom), Mr. Vasant Subramanian (Last Peak), Mr. Siddharth Lahkar (NEDFI). Mentors feedback has been transcribed to excel for monitoring/tracking

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