The scheme for establishment of polyhouses is an initiative of the Government of Meghalaya toimprove theagricultural and horticultural productionin the State. The diverse agro-climatic conditions in the State provide a rich abundance of natural wealth and biodiversity, including some unique and well-sought after produces such as fruits and vegetables. To unlock the full potential of the agriculture and horticulture sector, the Government of Meghalaya has been prioritizing transformation of the primary sector and has undertaken numerous initiatives to uplift agriculture and allied sectors in the State. On similar lines, the polyhouse scheme is introduced.

A polyhouse provides controlled environmental conditions which allows plants to thrive and flourish by shielding them from a variety of external conditions that may cause damages. However, due to high capital investments and maintenance requirement, the availability of polyhouse is limited in the State.

Therefore, in order to address this challenge and enhance the productivity of the State’s produces, the scheme is introduced to support selected beneficiaries to establish polyhouses across the State.

The scheme will be implemented by the Meghalaya Basin Management Agency (MBMA), Government of Meghalaya.

Up to 80% subsidy for project.The scheme would be implemented through a credit-linked subsidy model.

Scheme Details