PRIME Agriculture Response Vehicle

Based on the overall assessment of the mobility scenario of the state conducted under “Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project”, it was highlighted that the lesser developed transportation infrastructure has severely impacted agricultural trade and commerce in the state. To mitigate the gap, Department of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Government of Meghalaya has launched a scheme, “PRIME Agriculture Response Vehicle” scheme for individuals and registered farmer’s associations from rural areas of the state. Under the scheme, 50% financial aid is to be provided on the on-road cost of vehicle and support services from 1917iTeams (a platform that provides farmer’s access to the markets).

In the first phase of the project government has allocated Rs. 6.7 crores of financial aid as subsidy to buy 113 pickup trucks for 113 Registered Farmer’s Associations have been selected. These vehicles are expected to benefit the transportation of the agricultural products specially from the remote areas which will in turn increase profitability, enhance market reach, lower agriculture transportation cost, and encourage entrepreneurship in the
is engaged in rural communities.

Considering that 77% of the population of Meghalaya primary sector and there is a higher demand of transport vehicles to evacuate products of primary sector from the farms, aggregation, and value chain unit. Based on this, the Government of Meghalaya has decided to launch the Second Phase of the Prime Agriculture Response Vehicle Scheme wherein financial aid will be provided to selected beneficiaries from across the state for 300 vehicles. The funding support of the second phase of the scheme will be jointly by Meghalaya Basin Management Agency, MBMA under Meghalaya Livelihood and Access to Markets Projects, Megha-LAMP (External Aided Project funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development, IFAD) and Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare.

Scheme Details