What public procurement support is available through PRIME?

Meghalaya’s Startup Policy of 2018 clearly lays out the relaxations and benefits that shall be given in public procurement for the entrepreneurs of the state. 20% of all public procurement shall be through Startups.

PRIME’s tenders and RPF’s are available on this website in the “About” section. As per the policy PRIME Meghalaya includes the following relaxations in all its tenders and RFPs. 

(i) The condition of prior turnover and prior experience may be relaxed for Startups registered in Meghalaya subject to meeting of quality & technical specifications and making suitable provisions in the bidding document. However there may be circumstances (like procurement of items related to public safety, health, critical security operations and equipment’s etc.) where procuring entities may prefer the vendors to have prior experience rather than giving orders to new entities. For such procurement wherever adequate justification exists, the procuring entities may not relax the criterion of prior experience /turnover for the Startups.

(ii) Startups duly registered in Meghalaya are exempted from Submission of EMD (Earnest Money Deposit).

As an additional offering, PRIME offers to all entrepreneurs of the state to facilitate between them and various government departments and organizations in case they have not included Startup relaxations in their public tenders and RPFs. To request PRIME’s support in those matters, the entrepreneur is requested to apply for a PRIME ID and then submit a grievance under the public procurement category with all the details of the tender/RFP (including link) and point of contact. PRIME will then immediately seek to communicate with the department/organization and mediate the situation for the benefit of the entrepreneur.

Updated on July 24, 2021