Empowering Women and Reviving Traditional Crafts in Fashion

Seven Cherri, founded by Semada Marak is a women-run fashion accessory brand that aims to provide  lovable accessories inspired by art, culture and the rich diversity of nature while enabling the artisans to make a living for themselves with a mission to retrieve the dying traditional handicrafts of the Northeastern  Indian tribes, which is an unexplored realm in the field of high fashion industry by incorporating modern designs to cater to the ever-changing market trends.

Seven Cherri is entirely run by an army of skillful local women. From crafting to delivery, everything is  executed by a vibrant team of hardworking women from the neighborhood. Thus, challenging traditional gender roles by showcasing women in leadership positions and providing opportunities for women to thrive economically. This can help break down stereotypes and promote gender equality in the region.

Semada is a software engineer who left a well-cushioned corporate job to pursue her childhood dream of  working in the fashion industry and providing training and gainful employment opportunities to the local  underprivileged women in her area. Being one of the Top 25 entrepreneurs of the PRIME Meghalaya

Chief Minister’s E-Championship Challenge 2.0, she completed her Incubation program from PRIME Meghalaya in the year 2022.

Seven Cherri offers an array of chic and tastefully crafted jewellery pieces to mark the fusion of  traditional motifs, signifying the tribal culture of Meghalaya and North-eastern states. Seven Cherri  focuses to retrieve the dying traditional handicrafts of the Northeastern tribes, which has a great history  of glamour through their ornamental collection.

Seven Cherri was awarded the Fellowship under Pernod Ricard Foundation for (women entrepreneurship program) and also reached the Top 120 Entrepreneurs from North East India at the North East Entrepreneurship Development Program-a program run by North East Council in association with the IIMCIP.

Seven Cherri has hired about 30+ people in 5 years, impacted about 100+ lives by providing employment and collaborations & currently boast a team of 14 women from the community employed under the Startup up.

Carving out a name for herself in the fashion accessories industry, Semada Marak, founder of Seven Cherri remarked,

“I have received support and assistance from PRIME for more than a year now. I met  experts from different industries and entrepreneurs, who guided me throughout and gave mentoring sessions. They improved my business plans and gave me ideas and advice so I could improve and grow my  business. Also, I have received various financial support, PRIF grant, and Kick-Start grant for product development and more.”, “The comprehensive support we’ve received, from mentorship to market access,  through this initiative has been instrumental in our success. The PRIME Hubs have provided us with a nurturing environment and essential facilities to grow and collaborate. The funding windows offered by  PRIME have eased our financial burden and allowed us to focus on product development and expansion.  Thanks to PRIME, we’ve been able to showcase our craftsmanship and make a mark in the competitive  market.”

Planning, Investment Promotion & Sustainable Development Department, Government of Meghalaya,