College & University

PRIME intends to foster the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the state through a hub-and-spoke model where the Universities and Colleges of the state can act as spokes that can give basic guidance and pre-incubation support to students who want to start their own business. For this purpose PRIME offers two routes of engagement with the institutes of higher education in the state.

Faculty Development

PRIME offers faculty development courses so in order to enable the engaged educators to support the students in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Due to the fact that the professors, teachers and lecturers have a close relationship with the students, it is of utmost importance that those faculty will be equipped with the right skillset to facilitate the aspiring entrepreneurs to a certain level. PRIME actively reaches out to the institutes of the state to avail this faculty development so in order to be enabled to build an own inhouse pre-incubation program. The institutes that go through the faculty development will be officially certified by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park

Idea Clinic & Knowledge Sessions

Together with the various departments of colleges and universities in the state, PRIME is conducting an interactive session called Idea Clinic to guide fledgling start-up thoughts reach the next level. The programme will support students having innovative ideas. They can take part in the virtual or physical session, share their ideas, and seek help from proficient industry experts, who will provide immediate feedback to their ideas, identify the pros and cons, and feasibility of its execution. The carefully selected experts from a plethora of fields will guide the young minds to validate their start-up ideas, offer them with instant inputs, and crucial suggestions that can help them to build a prototype or concept so in order to take the next steps. 

Further knowledge sessions (e.g. “From Idea to Execution”), exclusively held for individual colleges or universities can be designed and executed as per the requirements of the institutes. All educational institutes of the state that are interested in engaging with PRIME are urged to get in touch via the mentioned contact channels.