The PRIME Music Incubation is the next step in the process of developing artists to start their careers in music. Through the incubation process, they will be exposed to various workshops and masterclasses wherein they will be taught various things in relation to building their careers through experienced speakers and mentors. They will also be provided various projects with which to further develop and grow themselves as artists. At the end of the incubation, they will be provided with the opportunity to record an EP (Extended Play) and shoot a music video for one of their songs.

Through the Music Incubation program, we hope to build well- rounded artists by providing them with all the tools to succeed while pursuing a career in music. They will be provided with guidance from experienced people in various fields alongside their mentors with the goal of creating an album that reflect the fruits of their progress.


The entirety of the music incubation program culminating with the recording and shooting of music videos for their songs will only be provided to the winners of Launchpad. All the workshops and masterclasses will be open for anybody interested in participating with participation being free for all the finalists of Launchpad and paid for others.


Organised through the joint efforts of PRIME Meghalaya and Durama Association of Music and Arts, Launchpad was a competition for the musicians across Garo Hills to showcase their talent and get the opportunity to kickstart their careers in music. It is the first of its kind, a competition primarily for the talented musicians to recognize their talent and structured with the intention of helping them grow as artists. Launchpad started with recognizing the lack of opportunities for musicians locally and the need to build up new artists by giving them a platform. The competition was divided into three phases – demo submission, preliminary round and the final competition.

Demo Submission (May 4th – 31st): An announcement was made digitally, over social media, calling out for entries through an online form wherein they had to submit a video demo of their original song. There was a stress on promotions for the competition with various collaborations with influencers, animated promos and skit-based promos alongside digital and on-the ground marketing. This was done largely in part to reach out to as many musicians across Garo Hills as possible. As a result, there were 117 entries of which 76 were solo artists and 41 bands within a span of a month.

Preliminary Round (June 11th): Of the 117 entries, 17 solo and 12 band participants advanced to the preliminary round. This was held at SMELC, Dakopgre, with the solo rounds starting at 10am and the band rounds starting at 1pm. The 5 top artists each in both the solo and band categories advanced to the final competition that was held in conjunction with World Music Day.

Finals (World Music Day – June 21st) :The solo participants were provided a band of professional musicians with which they practiced for a span of a week but managed to make the best out of, delivering amazing performances at the finals. The bands likewise also delivered an amazing performance. This was complimented by the guest artists in Avora Records (Mizoram); Lojal (Goa) and popular local artists in Rough Road and Saldorik that also delivered amazing performances in celebrating World Music Day.



  • 1st – Sunny Tengban
  • 2nd – Cheringchi


  • 1st – Grace Within Trinity
  • 2nd – Alcoline Call