Financial Support to Local Entrepreneurs Intending to Set Up Advanced Training Centres in Meghalaya

Training and Capacity Building is a core component for every entrepreneur to build the necessary skills across technical and business aspects to build a sustainable and successful enterprise. At this point in time, the availability of high-quality training facilities in Meghalaya is very limited and in certain sectors non-existent. For high-quality advanced training in most sectors, entrepreneurs have to travel long distances and spend significant amounts of money. Innovation-based training is important for entrepreneurs to capture new markets and be one step ahead of the competition

PRIME intends to support local Entrepreneurs from Meghalaya financially to set up training facilities in the state for conducting entrepreneurship-related and innovation-based training and capacity building in Meghalaya. The awarding will be through a competition for the best proposals.

Category 1

Advanced Handicrafts and Handicraft Design

Category 2

Videography/ Filmmaking

Category 3

Advanced Packaging & Packaging Design

Category 4

New Technologies(e.g App Development, Artificial Intelligence etc)

Category 5

(Wildcard Category): e.g. Advanced Tourism, Advanced Nursery Development and Spawn Production, Traditional (Tribal) Healing/Medicines

Funding support

PRIME will give financial support to the selected entrepreneurs reaching a total limit of up to Rs. 50 Lakhs.

First Component

Non-Refundable Grant, Up to Rs. 20 Lakhs

Second Component:

Zero-Interest Loan, Up to 1 Year Moratorium, 5 Years Repayment Period, Up to Rs. 30 Lakhs

Mode of selection

Step 1:
Competition Mode

The selection mode is through a “competition mode”.

Step 2:

The submitted proposal for every sector will be collected and evaluated against each other on a scoring system. 

Step 3:

The best pre-selected entrepreneurs will be invited at a specific date/time to pitch in front of the selection committee. 

Step 4:
Result Announcement

The most promising proposal for every category will ‘WIN’ and will be accepted for financial support.

Announcement of Result for Phase 1


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