PRIME Startup Hubs

PRIME Startup Hubs : Shillong

PRIME Startup Hubs : Tura

PRIME Hubs in Shillong and Tura are centres for innovation, knowledge sharing, incubation, and skill development. The PRIME team provides thorough hand holding to the aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups, and early-stage enterprises to translate their innovative ideas into business and sustain them in the long-run by fostering effective networking opportunities.

The hubs are dedicated co-working spaces where entrepreneurs can nurture, develop, and expand their business, simultaneously, take part in workshops, seminars, and various other skill development programs that are frequently conducted in the hub. The PRIME hub in Shillong covers 9500 square feet and has four dedicated office spaces for the entrepreneurs, each having six seating capacity. The auditorium and learning center has the seating capacity of sixty. The hub also includes a spacious reception area, a few meeting rooms, and a vibrant cafeteria.

Interested Entrepreneurs can apply to secure their office space in the hub and enjoy a comfortable and uplifting work atmosphere.