Mentor Database

PRIME Startup Hub is grateful to its large number of local and Pan-India mentors that support the entrepreneurs on a honorary basis to overcome obstacles and take their enterprises to the next level.

Entrepreneurs that want to access the pool of mentors can do so after registering their Startup in our Entrepreneur Portal. Mentors who want to get affiliated to PRIME Meghalaya may also register as a Mentor in the Entrepreneur Portal


Flo Oberhofer

Founder & Director, Bharat Impact Co-Founder, Edible Forest

Flo Oberhofer is social entrepreneur who works on the intersections between startups, deep-tech, nature and the less developed parts of India. His focus areas are Clean Tech, Rural Healthcare, Soil Restoration, and Agro Tech.

Badal Nyalang

Founder, Marketing Wire

A Digital Marketer, Content Creator and founder of Marketing Wire.