The PRIME Pre-Incubation is a free-of-charge certificate program that can help the aspiring entrepreneurs of Meghalaya to take their promising business ideas and concepts to the next level of execution. It is a 4-months entrepreneurship skilling program that guides and motivates participating individuals through the most important steps of building a successful business in Meghalaya.

Pre-Incubation is a very hands-on course that leverages the Design Thinking methodology that is utilized across the world by the most successful entrepreneurs and startups of the current day to implement new ideas, businesses, products and services at a rapid pace. Participants will be equipped with the necessary mindset and skills to validate and pitch their ideas and build a prototype of the product or service they have in their mind.

Additionally, to general knowledge sessions, participants will receive dedicated mentoring sessions through experienced entrepreneurs or industry professionals that will examine the individual participants progress and give practical recommendations and advice. This will enable the participants to avoid common mistakes, learn best practices, set realistic milestones and expectations and transform their business ideas into reality at a fast pace.

Next to entrepreneurs at an idea-stage, Pre-Incubation is also suitable for existing entrepreneurs that are struggling to scale-up their traditional (possibly imitation-based) business and are looking for ways to make their products and services more innovative and appealing to a larger market.

Pre-Incubation is an inclusive program that is open to all the public of Meghalaya incl. youth, students, employees, professionals or existing entrepreneurs. Small batch sizes of max. 50 ensure the maximum progress for every single participant.

The program consists of the following components (subject to change as per the individual availability of resource persons).

From Zero to Hero - An Entrepreneurs Mindset!

Having the right mindset is one of the most important factors for becoming a successful entrepreneur. This session will implant this spirit in the entrepreneurs to be.

Tool of the Unicorns! - Design Thinking Part I

This session will go deeply into the identification of the Problem/Need that an entrepreneur wants to address by empathizing with and understanding the Customer/User well.

Tool of the Unicorns! - Design Thinking Part II

Interpreting the first insights, this session will help the entrepreneur to clearly define, structure and outline the Problem Statement that has to be solved by the business.

Tool of the Unicorns! - Design Thinking Part III

During the Ideation session, entrepreneurs are encouraged to brainstorm and come up with as many creative and wild solutions to the identified need as possible.

Tool of the Unicorns! - Design Thinking Part IV

During this component the entrepreneurs will be encouraged to translate their innovative ideas into actual prototypes that can be presented to others.

Tool of the Unicorns! - Design Thinking Part V

Now it is time to gather first feedback from potential customers. Entrepreneurs will share, test, get feedback, improve and revise the build prototypes towards a more final product/service.

Awaken the Dragon - How to pitch your business idea!

Whether pitching a product or service to a potential customer or seeking for funding from investors, finding the right way to present yourself and your business in a concise manner is the key to success.

Better Together - Pitch and find a Co-Founder!

Entrepreneurs who build their business as a team are three-times more likely to succeed and become sustainable. Share your business idea and find partners and co-founders who are keen in joining you in your journey.

During the four-months program duration, sessions are being held once a week (usually on Thursdays). The knowledge and mentoring sessions are usually for a duration of 2-3 hours per week. Tasks that are being assigned by the resource persons to the participants will come on top of that, but can be freely timed as per the convenience and availability of the participants. 

To complete the course and be eligible for the PRIME Pre-Incubation Certificate, participants have to attend at least six knowledge sessions/workshops and four mass mentoring sessions.

New batches are started every four-months. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis via the PRIME Entrepreneur Portal. To apply, please register your account on our Entrepreneur Portal and fill in the simple application form for Pre-Incubation