PRIME ID is a unique identification number every existing entrepreneur in the state can apply for. PRIME ID will make you become part of the PRIME family in Meghalaya and stay up to date on latest events, workshops, training and funding opportunities available under PRIME. It will also allow you to access exclusive offerings and benefits only available to the registered entrepreneurs of the state.

When you register for a PRIME ID on our Entrepreneur Portal you will also receive classification as one of three categories, based on which different offerings will be available to you.

Startup Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs offering innovative and unique products and services that have the potential to create large scale employment opportunities.

Nano Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs with imitation-based products and services that can create employment opportunities at a small to medium scale.

Livelihood Entrepreneur

Small-scale entrepreneurs with micro-businesses that usually do not provide any formal employment.

Once you have registered and received your PRIME ID – you are officially recognized as an entrepreneur by the Government of Meghalaya. Your PRIME ID will accompany you during your journey as an entrepreneur in Meghalaya.