Prime Student Tinkering Fund

“PRIME Student Tinkering Fund up to Rs. 50,000” under the Support Mechanism:

 Entrepreneurship Promotion and Development Programmes (EPDP) and Incubators for Academic Institutes in Meghalaya PRIME has established a funding vehicle for students or student teams that are working on innovative entrepreneurship-related business and research ideas and concepts.
Based on recommendations brought forward by the E-Cells of the PRIME supported academic institutes in Meghalaya, an initial lump sum of Rs. 25,000 is disbursed directly to the student teams by PRIME.

Those student teams who are utilizing the funds well and can show exceptional progress can apply for a second tranche of Rs. 25,000 based on their reports. Entrepreneurs from the Colleges/Universities who are eligible for the grant will be closely linked to the PRIME initiative with its various programs like Pre-Incubation, Incubation or Funding after they have successfully implemented the funded project. If you are a student or a student team being interested in above funding please get in touch with your respective E-Cell. If you are not aware of the E-Cell in your institute or if your institute does not have an E-Cell, please get in touch with PRIME via Email.
PRIME Student Tinkering Fund’