Entrepreneur Skills

Entrepreneurial mindsets enable people to identify problems, look for solutions, and bring about change and create value. Entrepreneurial mindsets are relevant in all spheres of work and life and can enable the youth to realize their potential in the professional journey they undertake.

Changing the local mindsets away from traditional job seeking and government jobs towards a more entrepreneurial thinking that enables job creation is one of the main objectives of PRIME. Leveraging local role models and successful entrepreneurs, PRIME intends to plant seeds in the mind of the youth of the state to consider entrepreneurship as a promising career option.

PRIME also equips the budding entrepreneurs of the state with specialist knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship. Part of those workshops is also to give feedback on business ideas and to inspire the budding entrepreneurs with opportunities they could work on. Knowledge about entrepreneurial methodologies and tools like Lean Startup Methodology, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Digital Marketing and more will also be conveyed through interactive workshops.