Know Your Entrepreneur- Geraldine Ch. Momin, founder of Ella’s Craft-A-Torium

Geraldine Ch. Momin, a mother and a 9 to 5 working woman residing in Upper Babupara, Tura, WGH Meghalaya had to undergo certain crisis for the treatment of her late Father in the year 2021 which was also the beginning of her handcrafted products.

Before Ella’s Craft-A-Torium came into being, Geraldine knew the basics of candle and soap making as she was trained by her relative who was working with an NGO. Even when she was still at the learning phase, her work got recognised by many people which motivated her to expand more verticals and opt for a one-year online diploma course. Her wide variety of products include scented candles, soaps, wax tablets, lip balm, body butter and all-natural skincare products with natural ingredients. She also manufactures Pain Relief Balm, Face pack, face Serum and Body Massage therapy Candle.

Ella’s craft-A-Torium is one of the Top25 Incubatees of the Chief Minister’s E-Championship Challenge 3.0. Through the CMECC, her startup was awarded a business support grant which helped her upgrade her startup where the fund was utilised to recruit more employees, purchase a larger wax melting pot, printer machine, multipurpose containers, a rack and also procured raw materials from other states.

Geraldine says, “By being with PRIME, the visibility and the recognition that an entrepreneur receive by the Government of Meghalaya is a pride for my business, Ella’s Craft-A-Torium. Putting forward my token of appreciation, I thank the support that PRIME Meghalaya has been giving to the entrepreneurs to help promote our businesses and guide us to enable us to grow.”

Geraldine hopes that during these 9 months of Incubation period, she will be able to learn in-depth the different business strategies and thereby at the end of it, assess herself and implement these strategies wherever applicable in order to tackle the problems as well as to expand the business without compromising on the quality of the product.