KNOW YOUR ENTREPRENEUR- Harador Khariong, the founder of Plant Parenthood

“Plant Parenthood chose me more than I choose it and despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, tending to my plant was like a therapy to me” quotes Harador Khariong the founder of Plant Parenthood a social enterprise for interior design from Wahingdoh Shillong, East Khasi Hills Meghalaya.

Plant Parenthood which started as a hobby and out of love for plants during her college days eventually became more interesting and turned to be a career option in planting in the year 2020, especially succulent because they were relatively easier to take care of. 

Harador stated that “Initially I didn’t have any intention of starting a business out of it. It all started with me creating a page on my Instagram with intention to only show case my collection which became a turning point of my life and lots of people started enquiring about my work and if was selling them. It was at that point that made me realize that this could be a good opportunity to showcase my talent, since post my graduation I was not sure what would be my next step, so Plant Parenthood kind of chose me more than me choosing it”.

It was during the Northeast Food Show 2022 that Harador saw few of the entrepreneurs with their stall under the umbrella of PRIME, after which she learned in detail about PRIME and how it has helped entrepreneurs succeed in their business. Therefore, in the same year she enrolled herself in the Pre – Incubation batch 3.

During the initial days of her business, she had faced many obstacles, which included supply chain disruptions and limited demand, but she persevered and continued to grow her business with support from family and proper guidance from PRIME. “There are many people who have the capacity and capability to bring things on their own, or who have interesting ideas. However, one can only succeed if they exercise their creativity and skill”, stated Harador.

“PRIME has been a huge help to me regarding connecting with the right set of people, especially belonging to my line of work, helped me build a good network in my business.”

Through the PRIME’s Pre-Incubation program, I learned what an entrepreneur in the stage I am in needs to learn. PRIME has been the best guiding platform for me to help me take forward my business to the next level, be it from proper mentoring to encouraging me with my work. I will be looking forward to my association with PRIME since I still have a long way to go”, she added.

Harador also added that “If done with full commitment and passion whether its art, science or music, one can achieve their goal to make things work better and the satisfaction you will get are beyond your imagination”.

Harador’s journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to the resilience and determination of young women in Meghalaya. She is an inspiration to many, who is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and preserving the natural beauty of her home state. Harador’s passion for environmental protection and her commitment to providing eco-friendly products have made her a leader in the green movement in Meghalaya.