KNOW YOUR ENTREPRENEUR- Tengsrang Sangma, Founder of Ja.kop Footwear

Ja.kop Footwear – a startup currently undergoing incubation under PRIME is founded by Mr. Tengsrang Sangma, a self-taught entrepreneur from Rongkhon Songital, Okhapara, West Garo hills who learnt the process of making slippers through Youtube. He started manufacturing slippers in September 2021 with the assistance of the PMEGP loan with the aim to provide affordable footwear to the low-income group and daily wagers which shows that he has compassion for the people of the villages. He also started this business in hope to renew an abandoned house that his late father had built which he was part of with still so much memories left.

Mr. Tengsrang was overjoyed when his startup was shortlisted in the Top 50 category of the Chief Minister’s E-Championship Challenge 3.0 which he considers as a great achievement. He invested the prize money that he had won into sourcing raw materials and purchasing of a few tools that would help him further enhance the process of production. He is positive that the 9 months of the incubation programme in PRIME will enable him to boost his skills and most importantly to be able to network and collaborate with other startups as well.

With a team of 10 local youth who are employed under the startup, Ja.kop is able to produce 200 pairs of slippers per day with six working hours daily for four days weekly. Mr. Tengsrang is grateful that his young employees, two of whom are still pursuing their bachelor’s degree, work tirelessly and dedicate their time to Ja.kop Footwear.

Mr. Tengsrang aims to set up a production unit and store in Tura as well which is approximately 9 kms from Rongkhon Songital and relies on PRIME to guide him in this venture. With the mentoring support and financial assistance through PRIME, Mr. Tengsrang also aims to upgrade and enhance the branding and packaging of his products which would help him target the niche market.