MEGHALUXION 2022- A Revolution for Solutions

St. Anthony’s College on October 29th , 2022 conducted the first ever program on entrepreneurship development or Design Thinking titled as “MEGHALUXION 2022- A Revolution for Solutions”.

From PRIME, Meghalaya, Flo Oberhofer, Program Head PRIME Meghalaya and Jefferson Rani, IIM Manager were jury members for the event. The program saw students pitching topics which include Rising Mental Health Disorders among the students, on Waste Management in Shillong City and Traffic Management in Shillong City.

The students were given the opportunity to showcase their ideas and business plans on how to tackle the above-mentioned problems in the city. The program was a great success which saw participation of over hundred students from different college. The students were praised by the jury members for their efforts in coming up with innovative solutions to the pressing issues in the city and held discussion on how they plan to transform this solution into reality/into a business model.

Overall, Meghaluxion 2022 was a great platform for students to express their ideas and work towards finding solutions to the problems that exist in the city. It was also a great opportunity for them to network with like-minded individuals and gain exposure to the world of entrepreneurship.

St Anthony’ss College plans to make MEGHALUXION an annual event, with the hope of encouraging more students to come up with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the city.