Third Bootcamp

PRIME Hub hosted its 3rd Bootcamp for the Top-50 Entrepreneurs in two segments at the PRIME Hubs in Shillong and Tura. The first segment was held before Christmas and the second one was held in the first week of February, 2021. The entrepreneurs were given the choice to join the session physically or virtually, and all COVID-19 protocols were maintained. Debapratim Das, expert from IIMCIP, mentored them on the financial aspects of Banking, Finance, Credit & Risk Management.

The hands-on knowledge session encouraged the entrepreneurs to share their real-life business cases and learn from them subsequently. The incubation managers and associates of PRIME translated the session to the entrepreneurs in their native languages and gave a thorough explanation on various learning points.
A networking conclave took place right after the session. The entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunity to build up their business contacts and brainstorm ideas with their fellow entrepreneurs. PRIME team members and Entrepreneurs gave a jovial ending to the 3rd Bootcamp by indulging in the air of festivity, humming some Christmas carols, posing for group photographs, and enjoying a sumptuous high-tea later in the evening.