How does the PRIME Entrepreneurship Ambassador Contest work?

The PRIME Entrepreneurship Ambassador Contest involves the youth of the state to promote entrepreneurship among the various communities of Meghalaya. The objective of the contest is to motivate more youth to take up entrepreneurship as a career option in Meghalaya.

How does it work?

Create a video of how you promote and create awareness about entrepreneurship and/or startups in your community, school or college. The video should be at least 2 minutes long. Afterwards upload the video on your Facebook and Instagram and tag @primemeghalaya. You should also use the hashtags #primemeghalaya and #meghapreneurs in your description. Also motivate your followers to share the video. We are looking for the most creative and innovative submissions.

What are some examples of activities?

The following are just examples of what activities you could conduct and record. Be creative and find your own way to motivate more youth and individuals to take up entrepreneurship as a career option.

  • You could organize a small awareness session with a successful entrepreneur in your community where the entrepreneur shares his/her story and recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • You could organize a small hackathon/grand challenge in your school trying to solve some of the pressing issues of Meghalaya.
  • You could tell people about the offerings of PRIME Meghalaya in your community.
  • You could conduct a light version of “Shark Tank” or an “Ideathon” in your college.
  • You could create a music video on the benefits of entrepreneurship on the economy and society of Meghalaya.
  • You could showcase the successful entrepreneurs of Meghalaya to your community.

Who will win?

The most creative, ingenious and innovative way (i.e. video clip) to promote entrepreneurship and startups in Meghalaya will win. Further criteria for selection of the winner are: quality of video editing, number of shares on Social Media and the magnitude and level of created awareness among communities. The winner will be selected by an internal selection committee.

What are the terms & conditions?

  • Only registered residents of Meghalaya can participate.
  • The promotion needs to be conducted within Meghalaya.
  • Current and past incubatees of PRIME Meghalaya can not participate.
  • Members of PRIME Meghalaya and their relatives can not participate.
  • The language of the video can be any language customarily spoken in Meghalaya.
  • PRIME reserves the right to extend the deadline.
  • PRIME reserves the right to omit offensive and/or inappropriate content.
  • With participating in this contest, the contestants allow PRIME to use the shared video for whatever purpose PRIME deems useful.
  • The winners will be announced approximately 4 weeks after passing the deadline.
  • The decision made by the Selection Committee is final.
  • Winners will be contacted via direct message to the account they have shared the video from to get all details necessary.
  • The cash prize will be paid out via cheque to the winners.
Updated on November 30, 2021