PRIME intends to support local Entrepreneurs from Meghalaya financially to set up high-quality, advanced training centres and facilities in the state for establishing new entrepreneurship-related Training & Skilling Centres in Meghalaya through a competition for the best proposals. The following are the details specifically outlining the application process.

MODIFIED  ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA as per Letter no. PH/2022/831/04

The following eligibility criteria have been stipulated for all applicants.

  • Preference in selection may be given to applicants who are currently not yet running any other training center in or outside the state of Meghalaya.
  • Preference in selection may be given to applicants which have previously not conducted any kind of training or workshops with the government.
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Meghalaya.
  • The applicant must be willing to work on this project full-time (and not be employed by any other organisation at the point of start of the support).
  • Every applicant can hand it a maximum of 1 (one) proposal.

Proposal Structure

The proposal should be substantially outlining the intended plans of the entrepreneur following the following structure:

  1. Executive Summary
    Short summary of intended activities
    (max 0.5 pages)
  2. Entrepreneur Profile
    Background of Entrepreneur, Previous Experience in Training in the selected category
    (max. 2 pages)
  3. Training Courses
    Planned Training Courses with Reasoning on Relevance for Meghalaya, Market Research/Demand Analysis, Target Groups, Innovative Component and used teaching methodologies/didactics
    (max. 8 pages)
  4. Forward Linkages
    Offers for trainees after Training e.g. Funding, Jobs, Entrepreneurial Venture Creation
    (max. 2 pages)
  5. Physical Setup
    Plans for Setup with e.g. location, equipment etc.
    (max. 2 pages)
  6. Deliverables & Targets
    Estimation of Number of Trained Individuals over next 5 years & Expected Impact
    (max. 2 pages)
  7. Timelines
    Duration of Planning, Hiring Trainers, Promotion, Training etc.
    (max. 1 page)
  8. Financials
    Budget, Funding Requirement and Revenue/Expense Forecasting for 3 years
    (max. 5 pages)

Any certificates or proof of past activities may be submitted in the annexure of the proposal and are not part of the page count.

Scoring Methodology

The applicants will have to submit their application through the provided online application form until the deadline specified on Incomplete or ineligible proposals, not adhering to the guidelines outlined below, will be immediately disqualified and eliminated from the challenge (e.g. not a citizen of the state, not adhering to prescribed proposal structure).

After handing in the proposal, the entrepreneurs will be invited at a specified date/time to pitch in front of the selection committee. The entrepreneur may pitch for 8 minutes. The committee will also get the opportunity to get questions answered and request for clarifications, which is timed for another up to 8 minutes.

Based on the proposal as well as the live pitch, the selection committee will give their final scoring based on the following criteria. A maximum score of 100 can be awarded and the highest scoring candidate in every one of the 5 categories will be awarded the financial support.

#CriteriaMax Score
1Attractiveness & Relevance of Proposed Courses/Trainings to stateMax. 25 Pt.
2Ambition regarding number of individuals trained in first 3 yearsMax. 15 Pt.
3Founders previous experience with training/founder background & competenceMax. 30 Pt.
4Solid business case with credible path to profitability & long-term sustainabilityMax. 30 Pt.

The selection committee may also take a decision on the appropriateness of the requested financial support and may decide on the amount of financial support eventually sanctioned and whether the financial support is disbursed in one or multiple tranches. The selection committee may also attach certain stipulations to selected entrepreneurs’ proposals (e.g. modification of courses, modification of budget etc.). If the selection committee deems that a candidate is not suitable or competent (due to whatever reasons) despite the candidate scoring the highest score or being the only applicant in his/her category, there will be no financial support rewarded in the respective category.

Further Important Remarks

It has to be reiterated that every training centre is to offer innovative and innovation-based training only. There should be no redundancy with existing training of other training providers or government departments in the state. Target groups for training courses have to be first and foremost groups or individuals from Meghalaya. It is recommended (but not mandatory) that the applicants also include courses for the (unskilled) youth of the state.

Every training provider has to outline at least 4 different courses that they intend to establish in the first three years. The first course must start within 4 months of receipt of funding itself.

Updated on September 22, 2022