What are the modalities to apply for office or co-working space at the PRIME Startup Hubs?

PRIME Startup Hubs have been created as inspirational and happening places for the entrepreneurs of the state where they can meet like-minded individuals, attend knowledge sessions and take their business to the next level.

Every entrepreneur/startup that has registered on the Entrepreneur Portal and has been allotted a PRIME ID may apply for office and/or coworking space in one of the PRIME Startup Hubs. Only applications submitted via the Entrepreneur Portal will be accepted. All PRIME Startup Hubs have meeting rooms and coworking spaces. Some of the hubs also have auditoriums and dedicated office chambers for entrepreneurs.

The specific details and locations of the PRIME Startup Hubs can be found on the website in the Incubation section.

Entrepreneurs may apply for those facilities according to the following models for office space.

Dedicated Office Chambers: An occupancy rate of 75%+ of the maximum seats in dedicated office spaces on a monthly average is to be ensured. Occupancy will be reviewed every three months and falling below the stipulated rate may lead to immediate termination of the contract. Keys for locking the dedicated office chambers are available on request, however, PRIME Startup Hub assumes no responsibility for any valuables or items that have been kept inside the rooms. The standard period of occupancy is 6 months, with the possibility to renew once for a maximum occupancy period of 1 years. Entrepreneurs will be required to

Flexible Coworking Space: There are no dedicated seats in the coworking model. Seats can be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. Reserving seats is strictly prohibited. If the dedicated coworking space is filled, entrepreneurs may use other vacant seats and lounges around the PRIME Startup Hubs. To check occupancy on any given day, entrepreneurs may call with the PRIME Startup Hub frontdesk. Computer systems may be used as per the same first-come-first-serve principle. A maximum of 5 team members from an individual startup may use the coworking space. Entrepreneurs requesting for coworking space usage should ensure that they use the facilities minimum 3-4 times per month (no maximum). The standard period of occupancy is 6 months, with the possibility to renew once for a maximum occupancy period of 1 years.

Meeting Rooms/Auditoriums: Can be booked on an adhoc basis as per the availability for meetings, training or events via the frontdesk of the respective PRIME Startup Hub.

All facilities mentioned above are free-of-cost to the entrepreneurs at the time of composing this article. This stipulation may be revised at any time at the discretion of the PRIME Startup Hubs and will be notified to the entrepreneurs at least 4 weeks in advance. Several facility services e.g. printing, coffee/tea etc. may be chargeable at the applicable rates available with the front desk of the respective PRIME Startup Hub. Every PRIME Startup Hub will have individual rules and regulations in terms of opening hours, access control, utilization of facilities, guest visits etc. Entrepreneurs utilizing the dedicated office chambers or the coworking space will be asked to sign a contract acknowledging those terms. Please note that currently it is currently NOT possible to give the PRIME Startup Hub address as office address  for company registration.

Due to the fact that there is only a limited number of seats available in the PRIME Startup Hubs, the approval of any requests are solely at the discretion of the PRIME Startup Hub management. There is no legal claim for any individual to be provided with facilities. Allotment of any coworking or offices spaces are done through an internal process considering the current occupancy, time of application as well as the information given in the application forms.

Updated on October 26, 2021