What are the terms and requirements to register as a mentor under PRIME?

PRIME Meghalaya is keen on onboarding seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced industry professionals that want to “give back” to the society as mentors for local entrepreneurs. Mentors from across India may register.

PRIME wants to ensure access to the highest quality of mentors for the entrepreneurs of Meghalaya. Hence, next to the registration form, the onboarding process also includes a short 30 minutes call between the mentor and a PRIME team member.

Mentoring under PRIME happens at zero-cost to the entrepreneurs. Mentors under PRIME agree to provide their support to the entrepreneurs on a voluntary basis without remuneration. While there is no limit or requirement towards a specific number of hours, on average PRIME Mentors spend around 1-2 hours per week on mentoring.

PRIME gladly provides registered and onboarded mentors with a Mentor Certificate after the mentors have completed a total of 5 mentoring hours (on a self-certified basis).

Updated on September 7, 2021