What are the state-level approvals and clearances required to operate a Startup in Meghalaya?

Every entrepreneur/startup adhering to the official definition of a Startup in Meghalaya under PRIME may register on www.primemeghalaya.com at the Entrepreneur Portal for recognition as a Startup. Among others it is required to upload details on the products as well as a short description on the business and its innovative features.

The Startup will then be evaluated according to the details given and will be assigned to one of three categories (Startup, Nano Entrepreneur, Livelihood Entrepreneur). 

Once the entrepreneur has received a PRIME ID and the categorization under the “Startup” category, he or she is officially recognized by the state as a Startup and will receive a Meghalaya Startup certificate and may access the various support measures directed towards Startups.

There are no further, separate state-level approvals or clearances required to operate a startup in Meghalaya.


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Updated on January 6, 2022