How is the evaluation of applications happening? How long until disbursal?

After closing of the application window, the individual applications are being reviewed by the PRIME team. After a first sanitary check on whether the application form has been completely filled, the forms will be sorted according to type of fund.

For all fundings that are being processed directly through PRIME, there is a multi-stage review and evaluation in place that among others also includes a jury of high-ranking government officers and banking/industry professionals who will score the application according to a predefined evaluation matrix.

In case of funding options that are being processed through our partners they have their own evaluation processes.

We strive to give feedback on what can be improved in the application to those entrepreneurs that have been rejected. Entrepreneurs might follow up via our contact Email ID in case they want more detailed feedback.

The process of reviewing, evaluation and disbursal might take up to eight weeks or more depending on whether additional information has to be collected from the entrepreneurs and on the number of total applications.

Women entrepreneurs, specially-abled and grass-root level entrepreneurs will receive preferential treatment during the evaluation process.

Updated on July 20, 2021